Sunday, February 27, 2011


Welcome to Temple Bells
Temple Bells, my home art studio, was once a dream; through the years I spun a colorful web of ideas, which converted my simple home into an ethnic paradise 

Each day is like a work of art
that's yet to be designed
An empty canvas waiting 
for the dreams 
that fill my mind...
My talents and my strengths are like the colours I can use..
-Jennifer Davis

Living Room: Capturing the rustic and simple

Proud to showcase Indian Heritage in my living room- the colors , the different arts, sculptures, paintings, the splendors of silks , dance of peacocks

Divine Offerings



Metal, Wood and Earth

Embellished Corners

Old and new brass & bronze figurines combine together to give a traditional atmosphere

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Diwali? Light it all!!

Float some flowers, bring a lamp that catches my eye, some water and an earthenware..tadaa.. an eyeful of festivity!

Around the corner

Find a corner in my cozy living room, and shine the Gods & Goddesses with some heavenly lighting

Flowers and lamps and all things divine

I absolutely love playing around with flowers from my garden, brass plates, lamps. Anything I can find to assemble together and spruce up my home. Today it is roses and plates, tomorrow..who knows? I just keep it flowing and surprise myself every now and then with what I can put together.
Stress buster?? Definitely!!
Bangalore powercuts are depressing indeed, but even in the darkness, there is a light afterall..and a pretty one at that

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wall hangers and wall mounted paintings add interesting colors at the entrance of Temple Bells-my home studio